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News from Epilepsy Research UK

A graphical image of a neuron with a beam of light shining onto it. Ref: epilepsyu.com

Stopping seizures with light

Background Optogenetics is an experimental technique that uses weakened viruses to incorporate light-sensitive proteins into neurons. These read more
A man struggling to remember. Ref: Rose Medical Center

New clues about memory function

Background When something piques our interest or we are expecting something, unique wave patterns called gamma oscillations pass through our read more

Other Epilepsy News

Three capsules and five tablets on a white surface. Ref: www.dreamstime.com

New study underlines benefits of adjunctive lacosamide for epilepsy

A new study has underlined the potential benefits offered by lacosamide, an antiepileptic drug (AED) therapy for the read more
A graphical model of tau protein. Ref: www.cankler.com.au

Manipulating a certain protein ‘can help prevent Dravet syndrome’

Manipulating bodily levels of a certain protein has been found to be a potentially effective way of combating Dravet read more