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News from Epilepsy Research UK

Test tubes containing genetic samples. Ref: www.dreamstime.com

ERUK grant: Predicting extreme reactions to anti-epileptic drugs

Background Carbamazepine is a widely used anti-epileptic drug, which is usually well tolerated with only mild side effects. In rare cases, read more
A DNA helix (model). Ref: www.dreamstine.com

Advances in severe childhood epilepsy

Scientists in the US and Europe have linked several new genes to epileptic encephalopathies. This is the largest collaborative study of its kind read more

Other Epilepsy News

3D structure of calmodulin. Ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calmodulin

Protein’s role in controlling cell function ‘could aid treatment of epilepsy’

US researchers have identified a common protein that plays a different role than previously thought in controlling read more
female & male symbols: Ref: http://design.tutsplus.com/

Seizure types and symptoms ‘differ by gender’

Epilepsy patients’ gender can affect their likelihood of experiencing different types of seizure and symptoms, read more