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News from Epilepsy Research UK

A diagram of paired multi-coloured chromosomes on a black background

New clues about SUDEP

Background Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP) is the sudden death of a person with epilepsy, for which no cause (e.g. trauma or read more
A little boy being vaccinated. Ref: www.dreamstime.com

New evidence that vaccination is not linked to epilepsy

Background Febrile seizures (FS – seizures triggered by a high fever) affect around 4-5% of children between the ages of six months and read more

Other Epilepsy News

David Comber, left, and Eric Barth holding major components of their surgical robot. Ref: Heidi Hall / Vanderbilt

Robotic device ‘offers potential for minimally invasive epilepsy surgery’

A new robotic device that can be used to perform brain surgery through the cheek could greatly aid the future treatment read more
Electrical activity in the brain

Neuron research ‘could offer fresh insights into epilepsy’

New US research into the function of neurons could potentially pave the way for new insights into brain disorders, read more