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News from Epilepsy Research UK

Dr Jason Berwick

How does stimulation of the senses affect the way epileptic seizures spread across the brain?

Grant winner 2015 “This research will investigate the mechanisms by which seizures spread across the brain. If we can understand how the read more
Dr Susan Duncan

Looking back at the causes of death of people in Scotland with epilepsy, over a five year period

Grant winner 2015 “This study will give us a much better understanding of the risk factors for epilepsy-related death. We also hope that it read more

Other Epilepsy News


Study highlights impact of epilepsy on emotional recognition

A new research review has shed new light on the negative impact that temporal lobe epilepsy can have on a read more
A boy doing his homework. Ref:

Academic difficulties ‘more common for young epilepsy surgery patients’

A new study from Canada has indicated that children who undergo resective epilepsy surgery have a higher chance of read more