Real stories

Some of our supporters have been kind enough to share their experiences of living with epilepsy. You can read their stories here. You can also read testimonials from some of our Grantholders about the impact of their Epilepsy Research UK-funded research – just click here.

Paul Stevens
Paul, 51, was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2014. Although he experiences brief auras only, his condition has had a significant impact on his life.
Read Paul’s story here
Sue Weedon Sue Weedon
Sue’s mother has had epilepsy since childhood, but it wasn’t diagnosed until she was in her fifties. Here Sue talks about her mother’s experiences and the impact her epilepsy had on family life.
Read Sue’s story here
Blackheath. Ref: John and Nancy Bettelley
John and Nancy have fundraised tirelessly for their son Andrew’s memorial fund, to support our research and raise awareness as a positive legacy to Andrew.
Read John and Nancy’s story here
Olivia Killeen Siobhan Killeen
Siobhan has recently done a skydive for Epilepsy Research UK, in honour of her daughter Oliva who has West syndrome.
Read Siobhan’s story here
 Nick Christian's daughter, Rachel Nick Christian – a father’s perspective
Nick’s daughter, Rachel, developed epilepsy at the age of three. Thanks to ground-breaking surgery she is now seizure-free and lives life to the full.
Read Nick’s story here
 Margaret Hay Margaret Hay
Margaret, a former nurse, developed epilepsy when she was in her fifties. Her memory has been severely affected by recurrent seizures
Read Margaret’s story here
 Mark Blackshaw Mark Blackshaw
Mark, 42, works as a Quality Manager. He had his first seizure when he was 17, whilst playing Badminton.
Read Mark’s story here
 Amy Spencer Amy Spencer
Amy has had epilepsy since the age of 14, and her seizures are controlled on sodium valproate. Having recently married, she and her husband are thinking about starting a family.
Read Amy’s story here
 Stuart_Rogers_61_website_t  Stuart Rogers
Stuart, 61, was diagnosed with migraine-induced epilepsy at the age of 56.
Read Stuart’s story here
 Sam Porter Sam Porter
Sam, 25, developed epilepsy during puberty and underwent successful epilepsy surgery at 19.
Read Sam’s story here
 Andrew Morgan Andrew Morgan
Andrew began to have seizures following surgical treatment for an angioma.
Read Andrew’s story here
 Joan Upfield Joan Upfield
Joan was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 11. She believes her memory was severely affected by her first anti-epileptic drug.
Read Joan’s story here