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ERUK Fellow Dr Murray Herd, from the University of Dundee, has discovered a new mode of signalling in neurons that may promote absence seizures. Introduction Absence seizures can occur between 20 and several hundred times per day, and they usually last between five and 20 seconds. During a seizure the person usually loses consciousness briefly; stops whatever they are doing; read more

Agyness Deyn will bring epilepsy to the big screen on 12 December with the new film, ‘Electricity’. This compelling story shows the journey of young woman whose epilepsy fashions extraordinary hallucinations, as she searches for her missing brother. Here we give a review of how epilepsy is portrayed. Agyness Deyn’s performance as Lily, a young woman with drug resistant epilepsy who read more

A new study has demonstrated a link between antiepileptic drug (AED) nonadherence and a higher risk of seizures in paediatric epilepsy patients. Carried out by the University of Cincinnati, the aim of the study was to determine sociodemographic, biological epilepsy-specific and adherence predictors of long-term paediatric seizure outcomes. It assessed a total of 109 patients over a two-year period, with read more

Epilepsy scientists studying brain imagery could benefit from the advent of visualisation techniques that take advantage of stereoscopic 3D technology. A collaborative study between researchers in Chile, the US and Germany has examined the benefits of stereoscopic visualisation of clinical data, in comparison with traditional 3D rendering technique. Effective visualisation is a core element in exploring and comprehending brain imaging read more

Electroencephalogram (EEG) scans could be a helpful tool in predicting and measuring the success of the ketogenic diet in treating epilepsy patients. A new study from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center aimed to identify predictors for clinical seizure reduction on the diet as it correlates with EEG data, reviewing data pertaining to 89 patients treated using the diet read more

Findings from an Epilepsy Research UK-funded study. The temporal lobes of the brain play a crucial role in memory function; including episodic memory (memory for events) and semantic memory (memory for facts and concepts). In most people the left temporal lobe is the more dominant for verbal memories (involving words), and the right temporal lobe is more dominant for visual read more

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