Epilepsy Research UK is a national charity that funds independent scientific research exclusively into epilepsy. It was formed following the merger of the Epilepsy Research Foundation and the Fund for Epilepsy in April 2007.

The Epilepsy Research Foundation has allocated over £4 million to research projects around the UK since 1991. The Fund for Epilepsy is a smaller charity that in the past seven years has funded research costing £1.2 million that was primarily conducted at King’s College Hospital in London.

Research strategy

Epilepsy Research UK invests in research into all areas of epilepsy – giving priority to those areas which have the potential to produce results in immediate problem areas, including: research leading to improvements in the accuracy of diagnosis; and research into improving the treatment and quality of life of the patient. Epilepsy Research UK also supports basic scientific research and operates a fellowship programme to encourage scientists to pursue a career in epilepsy research. The aim is to support innovative research, of the highest scientific merit, that has the greatest potential for patient benefit.

Our Scientific Advisory Committee (consisting of epilepsy experts from various scientific disciplines and also two lay members) advises the Trustees on grant applications and fellowship awards, recommends research priorities and monitors the progress of research supported by Epilepsy Research UK.

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