News from Epilepsy Research UK

The BBC Radio 4 Appeal Sunday 25th March: Nick Christian tells us how research helped his daughter

Before the appeal goes out on BBC Radio 4 on Sunday 25th March at 07.54 and again at 21.26, Nick was offered the opportunity to tell us all why read more

The BBC Radio 4 Appeal: Nick and Rachel Christian step into the BBC limelight

What is the BBC radio 4 charity appeal? The radio 4 appeal is a weekly 3 minute programme highlighting the work of a charity and appealing for read more

Other Epilepsy News

Life extended of donated brain tissue from epilepsy surgery

Surgery is often the last resort for patients with refractory epilepsy but donated tissue can help us in our quest to read more

Parents at risk of mental health issues if they have a child with epilepsy

Epilepsy does not just affect the individual diagnosed but their family, friends, colleagues and aquaintances. A new read more