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British 10K – Congratulations Team ERUK!

The British 10K London Run took place on Sunday 10th July 2016 and what an incredible day for Epilepsy Research UK. The day began early, but read more
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Donor reception at No 11 Downing Street to announce 2016 grants.

Prime Minister David Cameron was a very welcome guest at Epilepsy Research UK’s annual supporter reception, where he spoke movingly of his own read more

Other Epilepsy News

A drawing of a synapse with a neurotransmitter being released from a number of vesicles, and other neurons in the background. Ref:

New Method to look at Synapses in the Living Human Brain

Researchers at Yale University have developed a new, non-invasive method to examine synapses – the points read more
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People with Epilepsy are more likely to be Smokers, Study Suggests

There is a strong correlation between epilepsy and smoking according to a study of people living in French-speaking read more