Epilepsy & Family Planning

Women who have epilepsy need to be aware of the impact that their AED(s) might have on the contraceptive pill and, if they do get pregnant, the effects that their AED(s) could potentially have on their unborn child.

If you are a woman with epilepsy, you are strongly advised to plan your pregnancies very carefully and consult your neurologist about your current medication. This is especially important if you are taking sodium valproate – click here for the Government’s safety update from 22 January 2015.

In this video, ‘It makes for an interesting mix’, Janet talks about her family and their experiences with fetal anti-convulsant syndrome:

It make for an interesting mix

For more information about anti-epileptic drugs in pregnancy, please see our news pages. You can also visit the Organisation for Anti-convulsant Syndrome website.

In 1996 Dr Jim Morrow and colleagues, at the Royal Hospital in Belfast, established a UK Epilepsy and Pregnancy Register to help researchers study the long term effects of AED exposure prior to birth. You can read more about the register here.

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