Caregivers for children with epilepsy ‘need greater support’

Posted Apr 11 2014 in Epilepsy in children

The importance of offering proper support to those tasked with looking after young epilepsy patients has been underlined by a new study.

Conducted by a team at the Medical University of South Carolina, the research involved conversations with four focus groups of caregivers of young people with epilepsy, in order to better understand their experience of looking after the children.

According to those questioned, caregivers generally have most difficulties with the unpredictability of looking after children with epilepsy, the need for constant vigilance and the lack of a perceived relationship between certain actions and outcomes.

This comes in addition to previous research showing these people often experience greater parenting stress and unanticipated caregiving responsibilities. The study therefore highlighted the need for greater professional support for caregivers.

The researchers said: “Epilepsy healthcare professionals are encouraged to promote patient and family centeredness, provide information on how to access community resources, and work with caregivers to enhance epilepsy self-management skills.”

It is estimated that around one in 240 children under 16 in the UK has epilepsy.

Posted by Steve Long

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