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ILAE British Branch Scientific Meeting 2019

Posted 1 Oct 2019 in News from Epilepsy Research UK

What is the International League Against Epilepsy? The International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) is a professional association of doctors and other health professionals who are working in the field of epilepsy. The organisation comprises national chapters in over 100 countries in all continents of the world. How long has it been in existence? The ILAE was founded in 1909 and read more

Brexit update

Posted 26 Sep 2019 in News from Epilepsy Research UK

ERUK and the Association of Medical Research Charities are continuing to monitor events and engage with key stakeholders and the Government on Brexit. Last month, Epilepsy Research UK joined a coalition of charities led by SUDEP Action to call for the Government to publish the medicines sections of their No-Deal Brexit ‘Yellowhammer’ papers. Acknowledgement has been received from 10 Downing Street in read more

Epilepsy community calls for urgent action to prevent Brexit-related epilepsy deaths

Posted 9 Sep 2019 in News from Epilepsy Research UK

A coalition of epilepsy organisations, led by SUDEP Action are asking for the government to publish their no deal Brexit ‘Yellowhammer’ papers with regard to the medicines sections.  Dr David Nichol, an expert in the field was involved in writing the ’Yellowhammer’ report and together with an article in the Sunday Times yesterday, highlighted the significant risk Brexit is likely read more

ERUK & Autistica Announce Joint Fellowship

Posted 24 Jul 2019 in News from Epilepsy Research UK

Leading charities Epilepsy Research UK and Autistica announced today a unique life-saving collaboration to improve epilepsy treatment for autistic people. 600,000 people in the UK are living with a diagnosis of epilepsy and up to 40% of them are also autistic. Tragically, epilepsy is one of the leading causes of early death for autistic people, who are more likely to read more

ERUK Fellow awarded prestigious MRC grant to investigate Dravet Syndrome

It’s Dravet Syndrome Awareness Month, and Epilepsy Research UK is proud to announce that our 2017 ERUK Fellow Dr Gabriele Lignani, has been awarded a New Investigator Research Grant, worth nearly £700,000 by the Medical Research Council (MRC), to investigate the potential use of gene therapy in Dravet Syndrome. This research project will build on Dr Lignani’s ongoing fellowship research read more

Focus Newsletter – Summer 2019

Posted 20 Jun 2019 in News from Epilepsy Research UK

We are delighted to share with you our new-look Focus Newsletter, which brings you news of our grant awards for 2019/20. Please select the fullscreen option to read in the display below or click on the top left of the image to download your copy. Inside you will find information about the projects selected and an overview of the process read more

Celebrating #CarersWeek with Sibs charity

Posted 14 Jun 2019 in News from Epilepsy Research UK

This week is Carers Week: an occasion to celebrate the valuable role that carers play in the lives of people with long term health conditions and disabilities. Clare Kassa is Chief Executive of Sibs, a charity supporting the brothers and sisters of people with disabilities. This week Sibs are highlighting the important role sibling carers play. Sibling carers play a vital role read more

ERUK researcher wins award at Association of British Neurologists National Conference

Posted 24 May 2019 in News from Epilepsy Research UK

Epilepsy Research UK is delighted to announce that one of our funded researchers, Dr Gashirai Mbizvo, has been awarded the 2019 Charles Symonds Prize for Best Platform Presentation by a Junior Neurologist at the Association of British Neurologists Annual Meeting in Edinburgh. Dr Mbizvo has been working with Dr Susan Duncan on an ERUK project grant to investigate the causes read more

Epilepsy Research UK joins forces with co-morbidity charities to form Embracing Complexity Coalition

Last night at the House of Commons we were pleased to stand alongside a number of charities who have all agreed to work together to improve outcomes for people with neurodevelopmental conditions. The Embracing Complexity Coalition, lead by the team at Autistica, has released a report summarising the results of a survey of people living with Neurodevelopmental conditions to stimulate read more

Epilepsy Surgery Pathway: The Lived Experience of Children with Epilepsy, their Parents and Siblings

Lead investigator: Dr Hanna Kovshoff, University of Southampton Co-investigators: Dr Anna Moore, Southampton Children’s Hospital, Prof Sarah Parsons, University of Southampton, Dr Andrea Whitney, Southampton Children’s Hospital, Dr Charlotte Mead Southampton Children’s Hospital Pilot grant: £30,000, 2 years “We want to develop an understanding of child experiences of the epilepsy surgery pathway that takes into account their siblings, parents, peers, read more

Predicting which brain region to treat using a new method of brain mapping

Scientific Title: Predicting which brain region to treat: Multimodal Ictogenic Network Mapping (MINM) Lead investigator: Dr Diana Cash, King’s College London Co-investigators: Dr Michel Mesquita, KCL, Dr Marc Goodfellow, University of Exeter, Dr Laura Mantoan, KCL Collaborator: Prof Mark Richardson, KCL Pilot grant: £29,903, 12 months “Our vision is to establish a translational platform to develop, test and optimise non-invasive read more

Improving diagnostic procedures for epilepsy through automated recording and analysis of patient’s history

Lead investigator: Professor Markus Reuber, University of Sheffield Co-investigators: Dr Heidi Christensen, University of Sheffield, Dr Traci Walker, University of Sheffield Project grant: £75,203, 3 years  “The successful treatment of epilepsy depends on a correct diagnosis. However, it often takes much too long to make the initial diagnoses and too many turn out to be wrong. Despite technological advances the read more

Using new techniques and artificial intelligence to predict patient outcomes following surgery

Scientific Title: Hippocampal shape analysis: a novel practical predictive biomarker of surgical outcome? Lead investigator: Dr Marian Galovic, University College London Co-investigators: Dr Matthias Koepp, UCL Pilot grant: £29,744, 15 months “Epilepsy is frequently treated with a one-size-fits-all approach. We hope that analysing the hippocampus in detail using shape analysis will reveal why some people are more likely to fail epilepsy read more

Identifying the markers of SUDEP using global patient data

Scientific Title: Identifying SUDEP risk: sleep-wakefulness modulation of central autonomic and respiratory networks Lead investigator: Dr Beate Diehl, Institute of Neurology, University College London Co-investigators: Prof Louis Lemieux UCL, Prof Ronald Harper, UCLA Collaborators: Prof Jean Gotman, Montreal Neurological Institute, Prof Stefano Meletti, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Prof Graeme Jackson, University of Melbourne, Prof Tyvaert Louise, Universite de read more

Accurately identifying epileptic brain regions using portable MEG

Scientific Title: The use of portable magnetoencephalography (MEG) in epilepsy Lead investigator: Dr Umesh Vivekananda, Institute of Neurology, University College London Co-investigators: Prof Matthew Walker UCL, Prof Gareth Barnes UCL Project grant: £83,958, 3 years “This project aims to develop and use a novel, state-of-the-art form of electrical brain recording called portable Magnetoencephalography. This will likely be able to record read more

2019 ERUK Fellowship Award: Exploring a promising new drug target to stop seizures in their tracks

Scientific Title: Neurogliaform interneurons: a promising inhibitory target to stop focal and generalised seizures Lead investigator: Dr Vincent Magloire, Institute of Neurology, University College London Supervisor: Professor Dimitri Kullmann, Institute of Neurology, University College London Fellowship Award: £247,133, 3 years “With this ERUK study, I will attempt to stop seizures by manipulating the activity of one specific inhibitory cell type. read more

State of the art scanning to investigate absence seizures in children and adolescents

Scientific Title: Thalamic GABA in childhood and juvenile absence epilepsy Lead investigator: Professor Vincenzo Crunelli, Cardiff University Co-investigators: Prof Richard Wise, Cardiff University, Dr Khalid Hamandi, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, Dr Daniella Brazzo, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board Pilot grant: £30,000, 2 years “We are excited by the possibility of testing our hypothesis with state of the read more

Investigating the underlying mechanisms of Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP)

Scientific Title: Do microglia prevent seizure-induced cardiorespiratory dysfunction? Lead investigator: Professor Nicholas Dale, University of Warwick Co-investigators: Dr Amol Bhandare, University of Warwick Project grant: £172,218, 2 years “Anaesthesia depresses neural activity, therefore being able to image the brainstem cardiorespiratory neuronal network and beneficial effects of microglial activation or inhibition during seizures in freely behaving animals offers therapeutic strategies to read more

Predicting and reducing language deficits from temporal lobe epilepsy surgery

Lead investigator: Dr Sjoerd Vos, Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, University College London Co-investigators: Prof John Duncan, UCL, Dr Peter Taylor, Newcastle University, Dr Pamela Thompson, UCL,  Dr Sallie Baxendale, UCL Project grant: £163,573, 3 years “Our project aims to improve treatment options in those people who do not benefit from epilepsy medication. In the right cases, surgery read more

Edinburgh Meet a Researcher Event

On Thursday 4 April, Epilepsy Research UK collaborated with The University of Edinburgh to host an event showcasing some of the ground-breaking ERUK-funded research into epilepsy being carried out in Scotland. The evening was hosted by Professor Mike Cousin and Dr Richard Chin, Co-Directors of the Muir Maxwell Epilepsy Centre, University of Edinburgh, who curated an impressive line up of speakers read more

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