Did you know that men are at a slightly increased risk of developing epilepsy?

Posted Jun 26 2018 in Epilepsy general / Living with epilepsy

There is a small but significant increased risk of epilepsy in men.  They also tend to be more susceptible than women to focal epilepsy.  And when it comes to antiepileptic medication, although the drug therapies seem to treat the seizures in the same way and to the same effect, the side effects experienced can be very different.   With recent publicity about the possible effects of sodium valproate on the developing foetus, and some knowledge about certain seizure medications reducing the effectiveness of the contraceptive pill, at least there is some awareness about the possible various effects of antiepileptic medication on women.  However, the same cannot be said about anticonvulsants and men’s health.  Seizure medications may affect testosterone levels, sperm motility and can lead to erectile dysfunction.  Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP) rates are also slightly higher and there is some evidence to suggest that status epilepticus is also more common in men than women.

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