Doctors should consider ‘hormonal balance’ of female epilepsy patients

Posted Nov 25 2010 in Other treatments

Doctors should consider the specific hormone levels in female epilepsy patients before administering treatment, according to German researchers.

Sabine Weil of Munich University has evaluated guidelines and literature on the best course of treatment for women affected with epilepsy, reports The Medical News.

Ms Weil, along with colleagues at the German institution, has claimed that female epilepsy patients who are attempting to become pregnant should take prophylactic folic acid until the first trimester of pregnancy.

Furthermore, these women should not be prescribed the anti-epilepsy drug (AED) valproate as it can lead to birth defects, according to the report.

Any treatment should also account for the fact that polycystic ovary syndrome is more common among women with epilepsy who take the substance.

Certain AEDs were also found to weaken or even eliminate the effect of contraceptives, while oral contraceptives can lower the concentration of antiepileptic medications.

The report is published in the latest issue of German medical journal Deutsches Arzteblatt International. 

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