Epilepsy could hinder cognitive development in children

Posted Nov 12 2010 in Epilepsy in children

The onset of epilepsy in children could significantly hinder their cognitive development, according to new research.

Philip Fastenau, a neurologist at Case Western Reserve's School of Medicine and University Hospitals of Cleveland, has studied how a child develops mentally following their first seizure.

The study, published in the journal Neurology, revealed that children with an average IQ before they developed the condition can often develop problems with language, memory and learning.

Furthermore, children who had multiple seizures or have been prescribed epilepsy drugs are at an even greater risk of suffering from cognitive difficulties.

However, the study also shows that these problems generally do not appear within the first three months of a child's first seizure.

"This suggests there is a window early in epilepsy for intervention to avoid hurting a child's performance at school," he said. 

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