Your fundraising

Our supporters take part in a wide range of fun activities to raise funds for Epilepsy Research UK, from Coffee Mornings, Sponsored Walks or Car Washes to Dinner Dances and Dress Down Days!

We also have guaranteed entry into existing Sporting Events, for more information click here

FUNDRAISING PACK – A great resource to get you started with ideas, advice and information.  Email us with your postal address and we will send this to you or you can download here.

Do make sure that you send in your Event Registration Form found in your fundraising pack to us before you start fundraising, and that you have read all of our safety and legal guidelines in the pack.

Your pack also contains an order form for materials for your event, and also details of what to do with your monies when you have finished.

START SMALL – It can be intimidating to try to organise a large event so start with something easily manageable. Remember that ALL donations are important and very much appreciated.

RESOURCES –  If you have a talent, entertain people. If you know someone with access to a venue, see if they will let you use it for an event. If you can bake, have a cake sale. Ask your school or workplace for help too.

ONLINE FUNDRAISING – Set up an online giving page for an easy and secure way to get sponsorship! Add the link to your email footer and send to all your contacts.

SOCIAL NETWORKS –  Tell people your plans well in advance, post on Facebook and Twitter (ours too!) and tell everyone what you are up to! Try and get in your local paper or on the radio.

USE US!! The fundraising team at Epilepsy Research UK are here to help you. If you want any information, sponsor forms, posters or publicity, we can provide this. We also provide balloons and various branded products to use at events.

HAVE FUN! Fundraising events offer the unique experience to have a good time whilst raising money for a truly worthy cause, so make sure that you choose to do something that you will enjoy.

Contact our events team!