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Memorial Funds - Amelia Tong

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Amelia was our first and only child, born on 22nd November 2010. Loving, energetic and polite, she was growing into a beautiful and intelligent little girl. From the age of 14 months until she sadly passed in the early hours of 3rd April 2014, she suffered around 40 fits. Some would last a few minutes. Others happened in batches, and lasted up to a couple of hours. All were passed off as febrile convulsions and epilepsy was always dismissed, despite a long line of epilepsy in the family. Her post mortem revealed she had suffered an epileptic seizure which caused her death. It breaks our hearts to know if she had been diagnosed and medicated, she may still be here today. So now we would like to help this wonderful cause in the memory of our beautiful Princess Amelia.

Ashley and Lisa Tong, July 2014

Donations to Amelia’s memorial fund can be made through this site using the ‘Donate today’ link (above left). Please add in the message box that your donation is for the Amelia Tong Memorial Fund.