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Memorial Funds - Celia Wixey

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“Celia was 25 and a loving wife and mother to two small children when she passed away in her sleep after a seizure in May 1977. She had epilepsy all her life and her medication meant her seizures were generally controlled. She loved dancing and listening to music and was determined to not let her epilepsy hold her back from doing the things she wanted to do.

In the two years following the birth of her daughters, her seizures were more frequent and uncontrolled due to difficulties in trying to get her medication back on track to the right levels. Her passing had a devastating impact on her family and friends as it was so sudden and unexpected.

As a family we have set up the Celia Wixey Memorial Fund to raise money to support researchers in their efforts to better understand this condition, how it can be prevented, and how to stop Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) from affecting the lives of others.”

Sarah, Rachel and Tony, September 2015

Donations to Celia’s memorial fund can be made through this site using the ‘Donate Today’ link above. Please add in the ‘Further information’ box that your donation is for the Celia Wixey Memorial Fund. Donations can also be made via www.justgiving.com