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“David Jordan was born in Portsmouth in June 1981. When he was 14 he had a cold that developed into sinusitis which culminated in an abscess on the brain which left him with epilepsy.

Most of the time his epilepsy was under control but occasionally he had a seizure. On February 15th 2009 he had a seizure while waiting on the London Underground for a train, as a result he was in intensive care for a week and died unexpectedly on 21st February 2009 at the age of 27.

David went to university in Portsmouth and recently had been working in London with Southwark PCT. He had a love of music, most years going to the Reading Festival and Glastonbury.

He had the inner strength, self belief and confidence to live the life he wanted, never being held back by his epilepsy. He was a special young man much loved by his family and friends, he was known for his laid back approach, his gentle spirit, tolerance, humour, generosity and a smile that was contagious.

We will never forget him, we are immensely proud of our eldest son and brother to Nick, this memorial fund will be another way of keeping his memory alive and it may help others.”

Adam & Sue Jordan, March 2009

Donations to David’s memorial fund can be made through this site using the ‘Donate today’ link (above left). Please add in the message box that your donation is for the David Jordan Memorial Fund.