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On 20th August 2018 James Bradfield died suddenly and unexpectedly, aged 29, following a seizure whilst on a sailing holiday with close friends.

James had been married to Sarah for just five weeks and is greatly missed by her, his parents, siblings, and numerous friends. He was gentle and kind and is remembered by all who had seen him recently as a man who was, truly, the happiest he had ever been. His wedding provides vividly warm memories of his great joy and keen sense of humour. He was enormously excited about the future and all of the wonderful possibilities it was likely to hold.

James was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 20 while studying at university. He was helped by the medication he took and by the support he received at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge. His demonstrative bravery and strength in the face of his epilepsy diagnosis, and its associated seizures, was extraordinary. It is essential for those who loved him that his life is celebrated and that research into epilepsy is progressed: if even one family can be spared such a shocking and cruel loss our efforts will be worthwhile.

This memorial fund serves as a vehicle through which we can continue to celebrate James and support much needed research in his memory.

The Bradfield family, November 2018

Donations to James’s memorial fund can be made through this site using the ‘Donate today’ link above left (please add in the ‘Further information’ box that your donation is for the James Bradfield Memorial Fund).