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Memorial Funds - Sharon Golledge

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“In January 2007 our happy, healthy and much loved daughter, Sharon, suffered a minor fit. After extensive tests she was told that it was probably a “one off” and not likely to ever happen again. On the 12th March 2007 she didn’t turn up for work – she was a Finance Assistant in Bournemouth – she had died from an epileptic seizure (SUDEP) during the night. She was just 25 years old. The devastation and pain that this tragic event has caused all of her family and friends cannot be put into words.

Sharon loved life, she was a friend to everybody and everybody wanted to be her friend. A popular girl and a hard worker, who always had a beaming smile, she was a good listener and always willing to help others.

Her death was totally unexpected, and was made so much worse by the fact that her condition had been undetected.

It is for this reason that we started a Memorial Fund in Sharon’s name. We hope that at some time in the future, this sudden and tragic event need not occur if the causes of epileptic fits can be found and an early diagnosis made. It will not bring Sharon back nor will it ease the pain but we would like to do all we can to help other people not have to go through the terrible shock of losing an apparently healthy loved one.

The work of Epilepsy Research UK is focused on researching into the basic causes and treatment of epilepsy, with the aim of achieving a better understanding of the causes, identifying new means to control the condition, improving the treatment and quality of life of those with epilepsy, and perhaps ultimately to find a cure.”

Lorraine and Gary Norman

Donations to Sharon’s memorial fund can be made through this site using the ‘Donate today’ link. Please add in the message box that your donation is for the Sharon Golledge Memorial Fund.