Nearly 20,000 children harmed by Epilim (sodium valproate)

Approximately 40 per cent of the 48,000 children born in the UK to mothers taking Epilim since it was introduced in 1973 have developed either mental or physical disorders, with many suffering both.

That is according to the Daily Mail, which states that drug is now being blamed for causing more harm to children than Thalidomide.

Epilim is one of the registered trade names for sodium valproate, which has been at the centre of a media storm in recent weeks following the publication of new research into its effects on unborn children and a special BBC documentary.

The anti-epileptic drug controls electrical activity in the brain and is one of the most effective means of halting seizures.

However, Emma Murphy, founder of the Independent Fetal Anti-Cunvulsant Trust, told the news provider: “This is bigger than Thalidomide and it will not just be epileptic mothers whose babies are harmed.

“Epilim is prescribed to pregnant mothers with depression, bi-polar disorders and even for pain relief.”

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