New epilepsy research links condition with infertility

Posted Nov 12 2010 in Statistics; treatment in the UK

New epilepsy research has found that women affected by the condition could be more likely to be infertile.

The study of 375 women in India who were planning to start a family revealed that a total of 62 per cent became pregnant.

Around 30 per cent of women with epilepsy were found to be infertile, almost double the rate found in the remaining participants.

Anti-epilepsy drugs were found to be a significant cause of infertility, with those taking three or more drugs 18 times more likely to be infertile than those who were not prescribed any.

Study author Sanjeev Thomas of India's Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology cited two potential reasons for the findings.

He said: "This may be due to the adverse effects of taking multiple drugs or it could be a more indirect effect because people who are taking multiple drugs are more likely to have severe epilepsy that is difficult to treat."

The study is published in the October 12th edition of the journal Neurology. 

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