New study highlights factors behind anxiety and depression in epilepsy patients

Posted Apr 11 2014 in Conditions related to epilepsy

Healthcare professionals need to adopt a wider outlook on the factors underpinning anxiety and depression in epilepsy patients, according to new Australian research.

Carried out by La Trobe University in Victoria, the study looked at data from the 2010 Australian Epilepsy Longitudinal Survey in order to better understand the mechanisms causing mental problems in this group.

Key influencing factors for both anxiety and depression included social aspects of stigma, effectiveness of seizure control and employment status, while the number of different epilepsy drugs also caused anxiety in some cases.

According to the researchers, doctors and caregivers look to be more considerate of factors such as these when looking for the best way to treat and support epilepsy patients affected by mental issues.

The paper observed: “Without this fuller social context, there are limitations on understanding factors that influence anxiety and depression and how to deal with the outcomes.”

Epilepsy patients experiencing signs of depression, meanwhile, are advised that taking regular exercise and improving the quality of their diet could help to alleviate the problem.

Posted by Anne Brown

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