New study highlights treatment window for epilepsy

Posted Nov 16 2010 in Brain science; genetics

A new study by Australian researchers has suggested that there could be a "window of opportunity" to halt the onset of epilepsy.

Staff at the University of Melbourne have found that brain damage continues to develop after a traumatic brain injury (TBI), reports Medical News Today.

The report, published in the latest issue of The Journal of Nuclear Medicine, shows that TBI is linked to a variety of health issues including epilepsy.

Professor Terry O'Brien, head of the University of Melbourne's Department of Medicine at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and report co-author, claimed the breakthrough could help with the treatment of the condition.

He told the news provider: "We have demonstrated that changes in brain structure and function after traumatic brain injury are dynamic and continue to progress and evolve for many months.

"This opens up a window of opportunity to give treatments to halt this damage, and therefore reduce the long term neurological and psychiatric complications that many patients experience."

One key discovery shows that brain function can be reduced in areas which are located away from the site of the direct trauma. 

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