Our new communications programme

Epilepsy Research UK has just launched a new communications programme, which we hope will help us to increase our profile and raise awareness about what we do.  I know many of us feel that there is not as much public awareness about epilepsy as there should be, and that there are insufficient funds to support high profile advertising campaigns to redress this.  So we will just have to work harder to make a difference.  The main focus of our new communications will be on online social media channels, which we know are already being used by the people that we need to talk to.  We will be joining in and informing conversations on a variety of different themes throughout the year: the first will be a focus on research.

In preparation for our initiative we have been working hard behind the scenes to improve our communications in general.  The most obvious changes you will begin to see are here on our website.  Not only have we re-designed the site, we have improved the functionality and navigability so that you will a better experience when you visit.  We have produced more videos: some explaining various aspects of epilepsy; others looking at the impact of research, and others still that focus on people who have epilepsy. All of the people who have been involved in the videos deserve our heartfelt thanks.  We also have real stories to share, and summaries showing how research funded by ERUK has made real differences to people living with the condition.  Our intention is to keep adding to these improvements over time, so stay in touch and we will keep you up to date with our progress.