Peter Hook recalls Ian Curtis’s epilepsy struggles

Posted Jun 14 2011 in Living with epilepsy

The former bandmate of a pop star who was affected by epilepsy and later killed himself has recalled his memories of the condition.

Singer Ian Curtis committed suicide after his group Joy Division made it to the big time and Peter Hook says doctors were unable to bring the epilepsy under control.

Writing in the Guardian, he explained that on one occasion, Curtis was found on a bathroom floor, having split his head open on a sink during a seizure.

Speaking of Curtis's first suicide attempt, Hook said: "There were doctors, consultants, psychiatrists and not one of them was able to sort it out. Unbelievable."

The bassist added that a gig in Birmingham Curtis was unable to complete because of his epilepsy "destroyed" him, although the group had achieved everything he had wanted it to.

After the death of the singer, Hook continued to make music under the name New Order with colleagues such as Bernard Sumner. 

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