Our Research Portfolio

Every year we receive between 60 and 70 applications for research into all aspects of epilepsy, and our Scientific Advisory Committee has the task of deciding which of these should be supported. The quality grants that we have awarded in recent years are shown below (most recent first).

Sadly, our funding capacity each year is relatively limited, which means that promising applications have to be rejected. Your donation, no matter how large or small, will help us to fund as much excellent research as possible in the future!


Neuronal aggregate formation in epileptic foci: a combined clinical and experimental study

£65,202 over 24 months (project grant) Professor John Jefferys, and Dr John Fox, Division of Neuroscience (Neurophysiology), Medical School, University of Birmingham

The role of plasma membrane Ca2+ ATPases in the regulation of neuronal [Ca2+]i in an in vitro model of epilepsy

£23,000 over 24 months (fellowship grant) Mr Thomas Jensen and Dr Ruth Empson, School of Biological Sciences, Royal Holloway University of London