Our Research Portfolio

Every year we receive between 60 and 70 applications for research into all aspects of epilepsy, and our Scientific Advisory Committee has the task of deciding which of these should be supported. The quality grants that we have awarded in recent years are shown below (most recent first).

Sadly, our funding capacity each year is relatively limited, which means that promising applications have to be rejected. Your donation, no matter how large or small, will help us to fund as much excellent research as possible in the future!


Epilepsy Surgery Pathway: The Lived Experience of Children with Epilepsy, their Parents and Siblings

Lead investigator: Dr Hanna Kovshoff, University of Southampton Co-investigators: Dr Anna Moore, Southampton Children’s Hospital, Prof Sarah Parsons, University of Southampton, Dr Andrea Whitney, Southampton Children’s Hospital, Dr Charlotte Mead Southampton Children’s Hospital Pilot grant: £30,000, 2 years “We want to develop an understanding of child experiences of the epilepsy surgery pathway that takes into account their siblings, parents, peers, read more

Using new techniques and artificial intelligence to predict patient outcomes following surgery

Scientific Title: Hippocampal shape analysis: a novel practical predictive biomarker of surgical outcome? Lead investigator: Dr Marian Galovic, University College London Co-investigators: Dr Matthias Koepp, UCL Pilot grant: £29,744, 15 months “Epilepsy is frequently treated with a one-size-fits-all approach. We hope that analysing the hippocampus in detail using shape analysis will reveal why some people are more likely to fail epilepsy read more

State of the art scanning to investigate absence seizures in children and adolescents

Scientific Title: Thalamic GABA in childhood and juvenile absence epilepsy Lead investigator: Professor Vincenzo Crunelli, Cardiff University Co-investigators: Prof Richard Wise, Cardiff University, Dr Khalid Hamandi, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, Dr Daniella Brazzo, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board Pilot grant: £30,000, 2 years “We are excited by the possibility of testing our hypothesis with state of the read more

Predicting which brain region to treat using a new method of brain mapping

Scientific Title: Predicting which brain region to treat: Multimodal Ictogenic Network Mapping (MINM) Lead investigator: Dr Diana Cash, King’s College London Co-investigators: Dr Michel Mesquita, KCL, Dr Marc Goodfellow, University of Exeter, Dr Laura Mantoan, KCL Collaborator: Prof Mark Richardson, KCL Pilot grant: £29,903, 12 months “Our vision is to establish a translational platform to develop, test and optimise non-invasive read more

Nicotine patch treatment for Sleep-related Hypermotor Epilepsy

£30,000 pilot grant over 24 months awarded to Prof Deb Pal at King’s College London Scientific title: Feasibility/Pilot study for Precision Medicine Transdermal Nicotine in Sleep-related Hypermotor Epilepsy Randomised Controlled Trial “What could be easier than wearing a skin patch to treat epilepsy? Some people with a certain rare genetic epilepsy, sleep-related hypermotor epilepsy (SHE) can be effectively treated with read more

A new role for epilepsy gene

£20,000 pilot grant over 18 months awarded to Prof Peter Oliver at the University of Oxford Scientific title: Investigating a novel role for the epilepsy gene TBC1D24 in vesicular acidification “Our work will help to understand the role of a new epilepsy-causing gene in neuronal cell communication. This new ERUK funding will allow us to investigate how changes in this read more

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