Our Research Portfolio

Every year we receive between 60 and 70 applications for research into all aspects of epilepsy, and our Scientific Advisory Committee has the task of deciding which of these should be supported. The quality grants that we have awarded in recent years are shown below (most recent first).

Sadly, our funding capacity each year is relatively limited, which means that promising applications have to be rejected. Your donation, no matter how large or small, will help us to fund as much excellent research as possible in the future!


Can the relationship between epilepsy and migraine help identify therapeutic targets?

£149,930.69 project grant over 24 months awarded to Prof Kirill Volynski at University College London Scientific title: How does cortical spreading depression relate to seizures? “Epilepsy and migraine occur together more often than expected from chance: a diagnosis of epilepsy doubles the risk of migraine. The ‘aura’ of migraine is however very different from a seizure. Funding from ERUK will read more

Imaging networks in the brain to predict medication seizure control

£73,220.15 project grant over 18 months awarded to Dr Simon Keller at the University of Liverpool Scientific title: EpiBioNet: Identifying imaging network biomarkers of antiepileptic drug treatment outcome “Being able to predict whether a patient with epilepsy will respond to antiepileptic drug therapy will increase the likelihood of bringing seizures under control sooner through an earlier exploration of alternative or read more

Management of patients with status epilepticus in intensive care

£149,289.85 project grant over 36 months awarded to Dr Vasiliki Tsirka at the Royal London Hospital, Barts’ Health Scientific title: The use of continuous electroencephalographic (EEG) monitoring for cases of refractory status epilepticus: does it affect the final patient outcome?  “This study will help identify the most appropriate way to manage patients with status epilepticus, optimise the investigation methods and read more

Predicting seizure occurrence using wearable device technology

£148,372 project grant over 24 months awarded to Prof Mark Richardson at King’s College London Scientific title: Ultra-longterm serial EEG: association of a novel seizure likelihood index with seizure occurrence, stress, sleep and drug dose “Living with epilepsy involves living with the uncertainty about when the next seizure will happen. Research work has been going on for nearly 30 years, read more

A new subcellular therapeutic target for seizure prevention

£56,852 project grant over 36 months awarded to Dr Dr Vincenzo Marra at University of Leicester Scientific title: Vesicular reorganization at excitatory synapses in murine models of epilepsy “I am interested in how the brain can handle an enormous amount of information with very little room for error. I believe that understanding how the brain can perform such an astonishing read more

Surgical techniques to improve seizure control after a brain tumour

£173,923.85 fellowship grant over 24 months awarded to Mr Ashan Jayasekera at Newcastle University Scientific title: Examining the role of glutamate in glioma related seizures “Seizures for patients with brain tumours are common, debilitating and difficult to treat.  This project will define the role of a non-invasive scanning technique, magnetic resonance spectroscopy, in mapping the areas responsible for seizures and read more

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