Our Research Portfolio

Every year we receive between 60 and 70 applications for research into all aspects of epilepsy, and our Scientific Advisory Committee has the task of deciding which of these should be supported. The quality grants that we have awarded in recent years are shown below (most recent first).

Sadly, our funding capacity each year is relatively limited, which means that promising applications have to be rejected. Your donation, no matter how large or small, will help us to fund as much excellent research as possible in the future!


Electrical stimulation as a potential treatment for Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy

£29,960.38 pilot grant over 11 months awarded to Dr David Carmichael at King’s College London Scientific title: Restoring healthy brain connectivity dynamics under image guidance: A pilot of transcranial electrical current stimulation in Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy “This pilot grant will start us on the journey to understanding how to manipulate brain activity at a large scale to reduce epileptic activity read more

Do more experienced hospitals have improved outcomes in Status Epilepticus?

£5,000 pilot grant over 12 months awarded to Dr Tonny Veenith at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham Scientific title: Do high volume centres have better outcomes than low volume centres when managing status epilepticus? Background Prolonged seizures, known as status epilepticus (SE) has a significant morbidity and mortality, with survivors exposed to the risk of severe long-term cognitive deficits. The read more

New purpose for historic epilepsy brain collection

£50,000 project grant over 24 months awarded to Professor Maria Thom at University College London  Scientific title: The Epilepsy Research UK Corsellis Epilepsy Brain Collection: Fit for 21st Century Research  ‘The Corsellis collection is a unique archive of brain samples from patients with epilepsy, collected during the second half of the last century. Restoration and systematic cataloguing of this archive read more

Exploring a new therapeutic target in absence epilepsy

£149,632.62 project grant over 36 months awarded to Dr Jessica Kwok at the University of Leeds Scientific title: Alteration of perineuronal net in absence epilepsy “Perineuronal nets have been well demonstrated in experimental conditions as a key regulator in synapse formation and functions. The results from this project will provide solid evidence on how the mal-formation of perineuronal nets contribute read more

Can the relationship between epilepsy and migraine help identify therapeutic targets?

£149,930.69 project grant over 24 months awarded to Prof Kirill Volynski at University College London Scientific title: How does cortical spreading depression relate to seizures? “Epilepsy and migraine occur together more often than expected from chance: a diagnosis of epilepsy doubles the risk of migraine. The ‘aura’ of migraine is however very different from a seizure. Funding from ERUK will read more

Imaging networks in the brain to predict medication seizure control

£73,220.15 project grant over 18 months awarded to Dr Simon Keller at the University of Liverpool Scientific title: EpiBioNet: Identifying imaging network biomarkers of antiepileptic drug treatment outcome “Being able to predict whether a patient with epilepsy will respond to antiepileptic drug therapy will increase the likelihood of bringing seizures under control sooner through an earlier exploration of alternative or read more

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