Researcher testimonials

We asked a selection of our grant holders  – past and present – to tell us how the research we have funded has/will benefit people with epilepsy. See what they said below:

Graphic of neurons firing

The spread of epileptic activity in the brain
Dr Andrew Trevelyan, Newcastle University

Learning and memory in temporal lobe epilepsy

Learning and memory in temporal lobe epilepsy
Professor Liam Gray, Cardiff University

The Genetic and Autoimmune Causes of Childhood Epilepsy (GACE) study

The genetic and autoimmune causes of childhood epilepsy
Dr Sameer Zuberi, Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow

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Understanding and treating autobiographical memory loss in epilepsy
Professor Adam Zeman, University of Exeter

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Locating where seizures begin
Professor Matthew Walker, University College London

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The immune system and epilepsy
Dr Sarosh Irani, University of Oxford

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The benefits of temporal lobe surgery in children
Dr Torsten Baldeweg, University College London

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Advances in epilepsy research: a personal perspective
Dr Graeme Sills, University of Liverpool