Study finds topiramate effective in paediatric focal epilepsy

Topiramate is effective and well-tolerated as a drug-based therapy for focal epilepsy in children, according to a recent study.

The anticonvulsant, which is sold under the brand name Topamax and used to treat paediatric epilepsies like Lennox Gastaut syndrome, was given to 66 patients between the ages of two and 16, 19 of whom had an idiopathic form of focal epilepsy.

Reporting on their findings in the journal Nevrol Pskihiatr Im SS Korsakova, the researchers observed efficacy in 65 per cent of these children, including high efficacy in 15 per cent of subjects and seizure-freedom in 12 per cent.

Five patients showed side effects, but these were eliminated by increasing the duration of dose titration.

The study also included children with two other forms of epilepsy – cryptogenic and symptomatic. Topiramate showed similar success in the first group as in the patients with focal epilepsy, but it was not as effective with symptomatic forms of the neurological condition.

Posted by Bob Jones

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