Donate shares

Giving stocks or shares to Epilepsy Research UK is a very tax-efficient way of supporting our work. Your donation is not only exempt from Capital Gains Tax, you can also get income tax relief if the gift is quoted shares.

A wide range of shares and securities now enjoy this tax relief, including those listed on a recognised stock exchange in the UK or elsewhere. Authorised Unit Trust Units, UK open-ended investment company shares and certain foreign collective investment scheme holdings can also be donated.

As an alternative to making an outright gift of shares, you can also sell quoted shares to Epilepsy Research UK at less than their market value. This allows us to receive shares at a discount whilst you can claim relief against taxable income.

If you only have a small number of shares, you can give them to Sharegift, an independent charity share donation scheme. The scheme accepts gifts of small numbers of shares, aggregates them and donates the sale proceeds to registered charities. When you donate shares to ShareGift you can nominate Epilepsy Research UK as a potential beneficiary. Find out more at Sharegift here

If you would like to donate shares to Epilepsy Research UK, please contact us.