Leave a legacy

Parry Gordon and Gill croppedRachel

Gordon and Gill  have never met Rachel but she’s the girl of their dreams.

Gordon and Gill’s family have been hugely affected by epilepsy and in the hope of a future where epilepsy can be safely controlled they have remembered Epilepsy Research UK in their Will.

Rachel is that future. She started having recurrent seizures at the age of three, but her life was transformed by ground-breaking brain surgery that stopped her epilepsy.

Thanks to the generosity of people like Gordon and Gill we are able to fund the research behind the development of new treatments like the surgery that changed Rachel’s life. Over the past 5 years we have allocated £3.5 million to research projects that has led to £18.4 million in follow-on funding from other sources.

We can only ensure that more research takes place with your support. By leaving a gift in your will to Epilepsy Research UK you will be ensuring the progress of our work towards a life free from epilepsy, helping secure the funding of life changing life saving research for the benefit of future generations.

Would you like help to write your Will?

Thanks to our membership of The National Free Wills Network we are able to offer you the opportunity to have your Will written, or an existing Will updated, by a local solicitor – at no cost to you.* By taking up the offer you are under no obligation to include a gift to Epilepsy Research UK in your Will, but we hope once you have looked after your family and friends, you will choose to do so. * ERUK pays a small fee for Wills written through the National Free Wills Network.

For details of how to have your will written through the National Free Wills  Network please call our Donor Support Manager on 020 3096 7887 or email us here.

If you have already made a Will but you now want to leave a legacy to Epilepsy Research UK you can add what is called a codicil to your Will to include your gift.  This can be done within the National Free Wills Network.

Gifts in Wills make a vital contribution to our work driving and enabling life changing and life saving research into epilepsy. You do not have to be rich to leave a legacy. Everyone who leaves a gift to the charity will be making a real difference to our work and your gift would be hugely appreciated. Thank you.

When making or updating your Will you should always seek professional advice. Contact us for a referral to the National Free Wills Network for an appointment with a solicitor local to you, or see the Law Society guide here.  

Some of the advances your support has already made possible include:

Neuroimaging research funded by ERUK has been crucial to understanding the brain areas involved in language, learning and memory in children being considered for epilepsy surgery, and to making that surgery safer.

Far more is known of the potential dangers to children born to women taking anti-epileptic drugs due to research funded by ERUK.

Clinical trials of existing drugs for the treatment of memory dysfunction in people with temporal lobe epilepsy are underway thanks to support for the underpinning research from ERUK.

Immunotherapy has been discovered – thanks to ERUK research – to be an effective treatment for faciobrachial dystonic seizures, a seizure disorder affecting the arms and face.