Memorial funds

A Memorial Fund is a valuable and positive way to celebrate the life of someone you loved, whilst helping Epilepsy Research UK make a difference for the future.

All donations received in the named person’s memory are put into their fund which is administered by us. Each year in March, we pool the money held in all our memorial funds and allocate it to a specific research project selected by our Scientific Advisory Committee. From then on, we keep everyone who has contributed to the funds updated on the progress of the project. We hope this gives people a sense of the very real contribution their donation is making to advancing our knowledge of epilepsy.

Some people who have lost a relative or friend to epilepsy have set up memorial funds with us. They use their fundraising activities to remember their loved one in a positive way and support those living with epilepsy in the UK today. You can find out more about how our memorial funds can be used below.

To set up a memorial fund in memory of your loved one, please contact Shona by email or by phone on 020 3096 7887.