In research, it takes time and dedication to find life transforming treatments and therapies. So we need our fundraising to work in the same way.

When you SayYes to giving £2 a month, you’ll help us take little steps to reach big breakthroughs and knowing we have regular funds helps us plan ahead too.

Many new drugs and treatments available now are the result of years of research. So please join us… the more people who SayYes, the more research we can fund. Thank you.

Why we’re counting on you to ‘SayYes’

We’re the only national charity solely dedicated to epilepsy research. Working at the forefront, we can see many opportunities… these are exciting times. But without enough funds we’ll have to turn projects away, however promising they may be.

What’s the thinking behind it?

It’s simple. YOU or a loved one is affected by EPILEPSY. If you’re living with it you want to control it better and ultimately you’re living hoping for a cure. So we’re asking for a small regular gift to help fund the SCIENCE that will ultimately benefit YOU or your loved one.

Please SayYes. We already have!

“My mum has epilepsy so we couldn’t wait to SayYes. It’s only £2 a month. We don’t even notice it – but it really adds up to help research, over the year.”
Mrs Lincoln, Rotherham