UK MP calls for greater epilepsy awareness in health and education sectors

Posted Nov 24 2010 in Statistics; treatment in the UK

A UK MP has called for the government to develop action plans in the health and education sectors to improve the treatment offered to epilepsy patients.

Valerie Vaz, MP for South Walsall, is set to propose a new bill in the House of Commons today (November 25th) which aims to boost funding and awareness of the condition in the UK.

Ms Vaz has claimed that epilepsy patients should have access to tertiary (specialised) care in order to avoid being wrongly prescribed drugs which can have severe side effects.

The cost of additional tertiary referrals would outweigh the medical expense of misdiagnosis, she added, which are estimated at around £22 million a year.

Furthermore, Ms Vaz also called for teachers to be taught how the condition can impact concentration and behaviour in the classroom.

She said: "This Bill asks the government to implement these action plans.

"The minimal costs of bringing in these action plans will be superseded by the future savings in the improvements in the quality of living for the individuals and families affected."

Around half a million people in the UK have epilepsy. 

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